plastic fabrication - creating a display case for collectibles
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plastic fabrication - creating a display case for collectibles

Are you looking for a creative and unique way to display a collection or two in your home? One great way to get custom displays for your collections is by working with a plastic fabricator. Having custom displays made ensures that your collection is displayed in the exact manner that you want it to be. You can have open shelving made, or fully enclosed cases to protect the collection from dust. My site includes several examples of displays that I have had made or have seen made by a plastic fabricator. Hopefully, you can gain the inspiration to design the perfect display for your collection.


plastic fabrication - creating a display case for collectibles

5 Benefits Of Residential Steel

Ida Beck

When most people think of steel, they think of skyscrapers, factories, and other industrial buildings, not residential homes. More and more contractors are using steel, however. Here is a look at the advantages and applications of steel in home building.

1. Steel's Strength Is Unsurpassed

Lumber is strong, but it is no match for the strength and durability of steel studs, joists, rafters, and beams. Traditional wood-framed houses may last a long time, but they will eventually rot and decay. Beams and floor joists made from wood can also sag, which can cause the entire structure to shift. This will lead to cracks in the walls and ceilings as well as uneven floors, which can make opening and closing windows and doors difficult.

2. Steel Is Ideal For Extreme Weather Events

If you live in a hurricane zone or tornado alley, a steel home will be much safer than a traditional wood structure. Hurricane-force winds and tornadoes exert a tremendous amount of pressure on wood. These extreme weather events can completely rip a wood-constructed home apart in mere seconds. The vacuum can literally suck the nails and fasteners out of the wood. A tornado can even pick the entire structure up and send it flying, just like in the movie The Wizard of Oz. Homes constructed from a steel frame and coated with concrete can far better withstand the winds associated with these forces of nature.

3. Steel Is Impervious To Corrosion

Untreated steel can rust and corrode, but when it is galvanized, there's no worry about corrosion. Galvanizing is a process where a protective zinc coating is applied to the steel, which completely stops any corrosion and rust. The raw steel is no longer exposed to oxygen and other substances, such as water, salt from seawater, and caustic chemicals like acid rain.

4. Steel Won't Attract Termites

In areas of the country such as the south where termites are present, the damage they can do to a traditional wood-framed home is astounding. Unfortunately, many people aren't even aware they have termites until the damage is extensive. This is because these insects are subterranean, rarely coming above ground other than when future kings and queens develop wings to fly off and form a new colony. The wood can look completely normal from the outside, but the interior has been mined for its cellulose, the termite's food. This completely weakens the structure and puts it at risk of collapse.

5. Steel Can Also Be Used Aesthetically

In addition to using steel for the construction itself, many people love the look of industrial design in residential settings. Steel can be used for floating staircases, railings, walls, and fireplaces. 

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