plastic fabrication - creating a display case for collectibles
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plastic fabrication - creating a display case for collectibles

Are you looking for a creative and unique way to display a collection or two in your home? One great way to get custom displays for your collections is by working with a plastic fabricator. Having custom displays made ensures that your collection is displayed in the exact manner that you want it to be. You can have open shelving made, or fully enclosed cases to protect the collection from dust. My site includes several examples of displays that I have had made or have seen made by a plastic fabricator. Hopefully, you can gain the inspiration to design the perfect display for your collection.


plastic fabrication - creating a display case for collectibles

Do Your Products Need Custom Shipping Crates?

Ida Beck

If you are a business owner, one of your top priorities should be ensuring your products are safe from all the perils associated with shipping and transportation. And the best way to do that involves using custom shipping crates. These items are best suited for sensitive, fragile, invaluable, or uniquely shaped objects that would otherwise suffer damage without adequate protection. Some of the must-know reasons to use custom shipping crates are discussed below.

Essentials of Custom Shipping Crates

Custom crating solutions are vital in protecting valuable goods during shipping. But, unlike conventional crates, custom shipping crates take the entire process to the next level. Your company can use them to improve brand reputation, make loading or unloading more manageable, and allow for rough handling. Plus, there's more you can add to a custom shipping crate, including a splash of color, more texture, windows, and interactive features like shelves and rolling pedestals.

Reasons to Use Custom Shipping Crates

1.       Fragile products demand protection

Many fragile products are manufactured today, including laboratory equipment, glass items, porcelains, valuable collectables, musical instruments, and technological accessories. All these require special handling and packaging to avoid damage. But, they are often predisposed to harsh conditions during shipping, leading to costly breakages and damage. And the situation is worse when the elements hit, and a package is thrown around and smashed against other cargo. But, with a shipping solution like custom crates, rest assured your goods will get from point A to B safely. Plus, crating experts offer advice on shielding delicate items on their way to the consumer or supplier.

2.       Size is sometimes a problem

Shipping an oversized package is a challenging task that requires careful planning. That is more true when delicate items are involved. Fortunately, several tried-and-true techniques that work in such situations are available, including using suitable custom crates. These are necessary for protecting large and heavy objects like industrial generators and compressors, truck engines, and heavy-duty vehicles. Without a strong crating solution, transporting such packages is difficult and dangerous. That is why working with a reputable crating service provider is essential when large and heavy items are involved.

3.       Uniquely-shaped products need unique solutions

Suppose your business deals with oddly shaped items like sculptures, stacked chairs, prototypes, exhibits, furnishings, or workstation computers. In that case, using one-size-fits-all crates is out of the question. It would be best to have custom shipping crates designed to fit the product at hand perfectly. Remember, not all pieces can fit in a rectangular or square container, and shipping fragile items in boxes that they don't fit in is highly inadvisable since they can move around and get damaged.