plastic fabrication - creating a display case for collectibles
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plastic fabrication - creating a display case for collectibles

Are you looking for a creative and unique way to display a collection or two in your home? One great way to get custom displays for your collections is by working with a plastic fabricator. Having custom displays made ensures that your collection is displayed in the exact manner that you want it to be. You can have open shelving made, or fully enclosed cases to protect the collection from dust. My site includes several examples of displays that I have had made or have seen made by a plastic fabricator. Hopefully, you can gain the inspiration to design the perfect display for your collection.


plastic fabrication - creating a display case for collectibles

Polycarbonate Products - Beneficial For Many Industrial Tasks

Ida Beck

Industrial-strength polycarbonate is a useful alternative to glass. Consider how polycarbonate can be used at your place of business.

Polycarbonate Materials

A manufacturer of polycarbonate (synthetic thermoplastic resin) sheets will cut each sheet to the desired thickness and shape that a customer requests.

Polycarbonate sheets are stronger than acrylic sheets. A basic polycarbonate sheet will be translucent. This type of product can be used to manufacture skylights, signage, and door panels.

Polycarbonate withstands extreme temperatures and forms a barrier that will prevent the intrusion of rainwater.

Polycarbonate sheets are lighter in weight than glass panels. They are easier to handle than glass, which makes them fairly easy to install.

Products For Large Projects

A manufacturer of large polycarbonate materials uses a spool to secure polycarbonate. A manufacturer will wind thin sheets of polycarbonate around a spool. When a consumer orders polycarbonate, a manufacturer will cut a perfectly-sized piece of polycarbonate from its spool.

Large pieces of polycarbonate that come off of a spool can be used to make greenhouse panels or large freestanding signs.

When ordering spooled materials, a customer can select translucent, white, or off-white polycarbonate sheets. Some manufacturers sell polycarbonate materials that contain custom colors and graphics. Custom materials can be used to advertise a business or to enhance the aesthetical properties of a polycarbonate sheet.

Custom Products

Polycarbonate is less rigid than acrylic. A manufacturer uses a cold forming or bending process to mass-produce custom products. The impact resistance of polycarbonate makes this material well-suited for structural applications.

There are some products that a manufacturer may feature that will make a polycarbonate product well-suited for a targeted application. Reinforced polycarbonate will offer superior UV resistance.

A bulletproof polycarbonate material will not shatter or crack if a bullet or other excessive force comes into contact with the polycarbonate. Tinted polycarbonate can be used for applications that require privacy. 

Your Order

If you would like to use polycarbonate in place of glass panes, contact a manufacturer of custom products. Request information about the polycarbonate grades, thicknesses, and finishing materials that are featured at the place of business.

Provide the manufacturer with information about how you intend to use polycarbonate. The manufacturer will recommend custom polycarbonate products that will be suited for the project that you will be completing.

Polycarbonate products may be priced according to the size and thickness of each product. Custom details that will be added to the polycarbonate materials may cost more.

For more information, contact a polycarbonate sheet supplier.